Steinhoff stock: Attention!

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Steinhoff organized a shareholder meeting, which many investors and analysts considered a silver lining. What is going to happen to the crisis-ridden company and its stock? The prospects are quite somber. Chart analysts are talking about a downwards trend, which could not be more obvious. In the next few weeks the stock could suffer from a sale. The stock recently reached new all-time lows. However, lower than 0.15 Euro the stock did never fall. The stocks were corrected but only by 3 Cent.
The economic analysts cannot say anything positive either. The stock has almost no supporters. The distances between the price and the moving averages are just too big. The Moving Average 200 is 800 % out of reach.

Aktuelle Video-Analyse von Steinhoff Investment:

Verdienen die Notenbanken noch unser Vertrauen?

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