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Deutsche Telekom stock: It’s getting stronger and stronger


In the past week the Deutsche Telekom stock was especially strong. The stock is back on its way to a chart technical upwards trend. Which is very surprising, according to various analysts.

During the last week the stock gained 4 %, which is huge. In the last two weeks it gained even 5 % and in one month it gained 6 %. This is a positive signal for the stock.

From a chart technical perspective the crossing of 14 and 15 Euro is important. Then the new goal would be the hitherto existing 6-month-hig of 15.67 Euro from November 3, 2017.

Technical analysis

From a technical point of view the stock is almost a buy. It has not reached the moving average 200, yet. It is currently located at 14.80 Euro, which is very close already. Keep an eye out on this stock!

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