European Lithium stock: We can only wait.

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European Lithium investors still need to wait for mentionable price movements. During the last week the stock basically did not move, and only continued its short-term downwards trend. With a price of 0.18 AUD the stock is currently on its lowest level of the year and the year high of 0.32 AUD is getting more out of reach. However, this is way less dramatic, then it might sound.
With stocks on a low price level like this – which are known as Penny stocks – everything can happen quite fast. Currently, European Lithium is suffering from a certain slump, which is hitting all lithium stocks. But the stock still offers a lot of potential, as soon as the situation improves. Therefore, investors can regard the low prices as a opportunity for a new entry.

Aktuelle Video-Analyse von European Lithium:

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