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Dialog Semiconductor stock


Dialog Semiconductor’s stock has weakened significantly. The stock lost about 4 % on Thursday, which led it back to below 20 Euro. On Friday the stock even broke the 19 Euro mark. Therefore, many chart analysts are sure that the stock is now “finally” on its way down. The recent setbacks lead the stock back to its 4-year low of 17.58 Euro, which was recorded on April 23, 2014. The stock is endangered to drop below 15 Euro. A sell indicator.
There are no new economic buy impulses. 25 % of bank analysts would buy the stock, 50 % would hold and 25 % would sell. A neutral indicator.
From the technical perspective the stock is in a downwards trend. The moving average is set at 31.68 Euro and therefore out of reach. Other trend indicators are pointing downwards as well. A sell indicator.

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