Deutsche Bank stock – weekly analysis: What you should know!

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During the last week the Deutsche Bank stock has neither suffered losses nor gained any noteable wins. This is the disenchant message of chart analysts, who attested the stock a rather weak condition in the current trends. However, the stock could become a star in the next weeks, due to a certain event. The sock is on ist way to stop the chart technical downwards trend. The stock hasn’t found any strong supports yet, but it never fell below 11 Euro. After more than 7 % loss in two week, this is a rather good indicator. The bank analysts did not add any more negative estimates after the majority of negative opinions in the last week.
However, the last week showed that the moving average 200 at 14.40 Euro is still out of reach, to be actually attacked. At least the stock managed to turn around the short-term trend of the moving average 20.

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